Is part one of a two part project that considers the conjunction of Art and Geology. Blue Ice explores the art of Nature's cycles preserved and exposed in some of Earth's oldest and youngest rocks. West Greenland preserves the earliest record of continents colliding, building mountains and decaying. The Himalayan Mountains of Tibet , where India is colliding with Asia, are that same process unfolding today. Greenland today is the rock buried underneath the Himalayan range. Essentially what is preserved above in Greenland lies below Tibet and vise- verse. 

Artist Elsa Marley, working in association with Geologist William Glassley, has just returned from a summer painting trip to Ilulissat, Greenland. The area, 69.13o north  is on Disko Bay and lies above the Artic Circle. The Ilulissat Icefiord  is famous for calving a significant amount of Greenland's icebergs into Disko Bay and eventually the Labrador Sea,  Davies Straight and on down to the Atlantic. This exhibition brings to light the beauty and the problems of rapidly melting ice that will soon submerge much of the early record of the earth that is now preserved in Greenland, and which effects our global and climate change NOW.