A whole decade has gone by since my trip to Scotland  in 1999 - The homeland of my ancestors, Scotland comes back into focus once again with this years trip to Greenland and Denmark. Perhaps it was flying over the Orkney Islands off the north coast of Scotland four times coming and going to Greenland,  from San Francisco and  Copenhagen this summer.  Somewhere in a DNA echo perhaps, there was a familiar memory tug.

At any rate Scotland and Greenland have become important bookends to a decade of accelerated work and travel










99/Scotland, California


98/ Exhibitions



95/ come and go China, US, Canada



91/ Exhibitions



Light Fusion: Recent collaboration with Mitra Ghaffari.

New Works: Ancient Scots Runes, Cairns and Standing Stones. Currently represented by: Gene Murphy, and Thrasher's Gallery, San Carlos, CA.

On Collaborations: A Ten Year Retrospective Shanghai University Art Gallery.

Women On the Silk Road: Three S.F. Exhibitions

Collaboration with Mitra Ghaffari and Julie Strauss: Persian and Chinese calligraphy meld into three series: Ballad of Horses, Tower of Babel and Ring of Fire.

East West International Art Exchange Program: Beijing Women's Conference, Trip to Central Asia Silk Road Lecture: Buddhist Caves Dunghuang Co-founder Women On the Silk Road


US East/West Collaboration Exhibition/ Tour and Lectures with Chen KeLiang, Study for: Masters in English Literature / Beat Poetry Teach Graduate classes East/West Aesthetics, Multiculturalism and Color Theory.

Taught art to disabled children and adults in the East Bay







89/ Tour


88/ Shanghai

87/ Teaching

86/ China


Back to S.F.

Joint Venture: Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, July 89, Review L.A. Times, Return to US Exhibition of collaboration in S.F. Robert English Gallery and d.p. Fong Gallery San Jose, Return China sponsored by Dennis Fong.

Joint Venture Painting Collaboration with Chen Ke Liang. Inner Satelites

US art history, Hangzhou

Hangzhou National Academy of Art - Study Chinese history, philosophy, Mandarin and Calligraphy

SFAI - MFA/85 Painting & Art History, San Francisco Art Institute Final project: Screen Circles: Women's History






Communal living

Second son born, Gardens and Goats, Chinese Landscape painting ,Rivers and mountains, Women's Movement, Watercolor circles, painting.

The Four Seasons, California Arts Council - Artist In Schools and Community: Northern California Historic Mural, Trip to Southwest







63/ S.F. USA

Daughter born

Year's study with Miro & sponsored exhibition Palma, Majorca

The Royal College of Art, Turner/ Pop Art The Beatles

Son born; S.F. Light Shows! Rock Concerts, Revelations (a Dance); The Diggers & 1% Free /67 - 2nd daughter born , 68/ Northern California, Founding member, Black Bear Ranch Commune, Back to the landscape Earth works !




Student Days



The Vancouver Art School, Vancouver, B.C. BA in Fine Art.

Influenced by: Canadian landscapes: Group of Seven, Haida Indians, Emily Carr

Pollack's first Retrospective, Abstract Expressionism - Rothko, Kline, DeKooning, The Cedar Bar, Jazz and Beat Poetry.






Winnipeg, Canada